VetAccel Technologies


VetAccel Technologies supports the “Veterans Serving Veterans” core mission of VetAccel with deep technology experience, including implementations supporting healthcare businesses, infrastructure, machine learning, security and other areas.

"Human contact is the most powerful technology of all, as we recruit and train Veterans to serve other Veterans directly. This human touch is further empowered by new technologies, ranging from Telehealth to remote patient monitoring, with customized solutions to meet specific Veteran needs."

- Steve Cook, VetAccel Board Member

Our focus:

  • Evaluating, integrating and building a state-of-the-art technology platform to support VetAccel Healthcare’s mission and goals.
  • Our consulting experts are at the forefront of new business models, new technology, and have deep experience designing successful public/private partnerships
  • Interviewing and evaluating veteran-owned technology solution companies to determine their fit with VetAccel, either as partners or as merge-and-build candidates.
  • Understanding the core challenges facing Veterans and Veteran organizations (including COVID-19), and working to determine if there are existing technology solutions for these challenges or developing plans to build these solutions.