VetAccel Healthcare

Improving Veteran's health while reducing costs

Improving Veteran Outcomes With Veteran Incomes.

VetAccel Healthcare (VAH) is a transitional care VAI subsidiary in which Veteran employees are trained to deliver innovative care coordination to fellow Veterans in recovery after hospital discharge. VAH is working closely and collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to implement new and creative transitional care solutions designed to improve patient quality of care, reduce hospital readmissions and ER visits, all while improving the lives of Veterans across the country.

Fall 2020

VetAccel can provide COVID-19 and other healthcare products and services.
These include:

  • - COVID-19 test kits and supplies
  • - COVID-19 Testing as a Service
  • - Telehealth equipment setup and support
  • - Remote Patient Monitoring
  • - Instruments for monitoring social distancing and safety

Summer 2020

VetAccel is working closely with multiple VA Medical Centers to launch its inaugural VetAccel pilot program. We look forward to putting Veterans to work toward improving the health outcomes of their fellow Veteran patients. The Veterans serving Veterans ethos is a very important aspect of VAI.

The VetAccel Healthcare approach is designed to accelerate patient improvement at home by:

  1. Monitoring patient condition with periodic scheduled visits to catch danger signs early

  2. Linking the Veteran patient with the medical expertise and extensive knowledge of the VA/VetAccel Nurse in Charge through TeleHealth technology

  3. Quickly and directly addressing important dietary issues, including food quality and quantity

  4. Assessing Social Determinants of Health

  5. Providing unique emotional support to Veterans by fellow Veterans while also offering highly rewarding career opportunities to the VetAccel (Veteran) professionals

Acceleration is simply the change in velocity measured over time. In our view, the efficacy of healthcare solutions is largely dependent on the velocity with which they are delivered. VAH aims to increase that speed dramatically. The mission of VAH is to provide additive Veteran healthcare solutions as quickly as practical for maximum impact.

The Problem

Veterans are a more at-risk population as compared to their civilian counterparts:

  1. Veterans are more likely to die earlier

  2. 72% of Veterans have at least one chronic disease, a higher percentage than civilians

  3. Veterans are more prone to mental illness and suicide

The VA Healthcare System:

  1. Serves about 9 million Veterans

  2. In general, chronic disease is associated with higher readmission and ER visit rates, as well as hospital length of stay

  3. Increased time in the hospital increases a Veteran’s chances for infection, illness, and prolonged time in hospital care

  4. Each readmission costs around $15,000

  5. Unnecessary readmissions and ER visits are costly; the VA spends about $1.5 billion in preventable readmissions on a yearly basis

A vulnerable Veteran population along with the inherent risks associated with an aging Veteran cohort combine to create costly and complex challenges in transitional care for Veterans in the VA Healthcare System.

The Solution

The VetAccel Model is a Proven Concept:

  1. Improves quality of care for Veterans

  2. Saves $ by decreasing readmissions and ER visits

  3. Employs Veterans – Better Outcomes through Veteran Incomes

VetAccel can be fully funded by the quantifiable savings generated due to the reduction in unnecessary readmissions. In healthcare, seldom do we have the opportunity to improve patient care while simultaneously reducing costs. VetAccel will help the VA achieve these seemingly counterintuitive and extremely critical outcomes.

elderly lady getting vaccinated

Vision, Mission, and Values


To become the unequivocal, gold-standard leader of transitional home care in the US Veteran space.


  1. Build a successful for-profit organization based on improving the health of recently discharged Veterans and chronically ill patients through systematic human interaction, while leveraging the latest in interactive technology.
  2. Through the successful implementation of the VetAccel model, reduce hospital readmissions and emergency visits, resulting in a reduction in hospital health care costs and overall improved hospital efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.
  3. Hire Veterans whenever possible.

Core Values

Veterans Serving Veterans; integrity; hard work; simplicity; transparency; teamwork; accountability; innovation; excellent customer service; results.