About Us

Growing Veteran Businesses

VAI will bring together companies that share the VAI philosophy and are driven by like-minded entrepreneurs as prospective partners. The potential Partners share the following key objectives:

Business Success

To build a sustainable and highly successful business, a significant portion of which serves Veterans or various branches and agencies of the U.S. Military.

Veteran Staffing

Whenever possible, to recruit and train Veterans to fill key management and operational roles, providing continued upward career mobility.

Operational Scale

To achieve substantially greater operational scale as a group, as reflected in sales and marketing reach, purchasing power, technology access and other operational efficiencies.

Financial Scale

To achieve substantially greater access to long-term attractive sources of capital, as another product of scale – with portions of that capital being provided by other Veterans.

Merger Opportunities

To benefit from tax-efficient mergers into the VAI holding company at attractive valuations, providing a balance of VAI common stock, cash and other consideration.

Employee Ownership

To provide all VAI employees common stock ownership through the initiation and expansion of a VAI Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

VAI is developing relationships with a broad range of Veteran-oriented companies, to explore collaborative relationships, including the Merge and Build program across multiple industries. VAI will also explore partial investments, licensing agreements, joint ventures, sales representation or other approaches which might prove mutually beneficial.The overarching goal of VAI is to provide a powerful, profitable and synergistic platform for Veterans to serve effectively their fellow Veterans in need.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To be one of the most successful Veteran-based companies in the United States, providing and facilitating high-quality services to Veterans.


  1. With VetAccel Health (VAH) as the cornerstone, and a concentration on healthcare, merge and build a successful company consisting of an array of mostly Veteran-led entities designed to serve Veterans.
  2. Hire Veterans whenever possible.

Core Values

Veterans Serving Veterans; integrity; hard work; simplicity; transparency; teamwork; accountability; innovation; excellent customer service; results.