VetAccel Healthcare provides a one-stop-shop for COVID-19 testing solutions to support the needs of VA Medical Centers. These solutions are readily available and designed for flexibility, high-throughput and high efficacy.

We know the VA

Our team has worked extensively with and for the VA, and uses that experience to smooth and expedite the process. Our first COVID-19 testing solution installation is at the Birmingham VA Medical Center.

Complete testing solutions

Our solutions center on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approved GeneFinder™ COVID-19 Plus RealAmp Test Kit (FDA Download). In addition to the GeneFinder™ test kits, the end-to-end solutions can include:

  • All needed equipment, including PCR Thermocyclers, extraction devices and supplies.
  • A solution customized to the site’s needs.
    • - Higher throughput solutions for larger sites and less complex solutions for smaller sites.
    • - Can be integrated with existing PCR and extraction equipment (assuming that equipment is on the FDA EUA).
    • - Coordinated delivery, setup, certification and training.
  • Includes needed VA documentation such as MDS2 and 6550.
  • Highly qualified infectious disease experts able to consult with lab specialists.
  • The workflow will support future multi-viral tests that include Influenza-A and Influenza-B.

GeneFinder™ COVID-19 RealAmp Test Kits Key Benefits

  • Near 100% accuracy. High sensitivity and specificity (reference section 16 in the FDA EUA IFU documentation).
  • Best sensitivity using 3 genes (E, N, RdRp).
  • VetAccel has secured commitments for immediate availability of these test kits.
  • These solutions are “open-source” solutions - the GeneFinder™ test kits will work on several brands of PCR Thermocyclers and extraction equipment.
  • Includes temperature storage and transport tracking using our partner Media Sourcery’s Cold Chain Workflow solution.

Performance of the GeneFinder COVID-19 Plus RealAmp Kit with contrived upper respiratory specimens against the expected results are:

Positive Percent Agreement 30/30 = 100% (95% CI: 88.6% - 100%)
Negative Percent Agreement 30/30 = 100% (95% CI: 88.6% - 100).”


If needed for ramp-up or overflow testing, VetAccel offers offsite Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) through our partners including Achieve Health Management.

  • Specimen collection kits, collection services and overnight shipping.
  • 48-hour turn around time from specimen receipt to reported results.
  • Network of CLIA-certified laboratories.

For More Information

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