Veterans Serving Veterans

Our Duty to Veterans

The idea of “Veterans serving Veterans” is an essential part of VetAccel. Most former service members want to help other Veterans as they prioritize service over self. The fact that we are putting experienced individuals with prior military service to work serving their fellow Veterans is an important added benefit.- Bill Murdy, Chairman, VetAccel, Inc.

VetAccel Inc. (VAI) is an expanding team of complementary companies, each of which empowers Veterans to serve Veterans. Our focus areas are Healthcare, Technology and Consulting.


The overarching goal of VetAccel Healthcare is to improve the transitional care of recently discharged Veteran patients. In the process, significant hospital cost savings are achieved, especially in the areas of readmissions and emergency room visits. These savings relieve financial pressure on the hospital system and allow for the improved quality of Veteran care.

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VetAccel Technologies provides solutions, systems and integration for the VAI Core Businesses, initially focusing on VetAccel Healthcare. These proven solutions include workflow automation, security of PHI, remote patient monitoring and dispatch, smart device management and monitoring, machine learning capabilities and other technologies as required.

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VetAccel Consulting combines the "Veterans Serving Veterans" core mission of VetAccel with senior level strategic consulting experience, to help multiple public and private clients solve complex issues with innovative and actionable solutions.

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VetAccel is currently providing COVID-19 Testing Instrumentation and corresponding test kits to the Birmingham, AL VA Medical Center (VAMC). The VetAccel equipment and test kit solution is proven, readily available, FDA approved, extremely accurate, efficiently designed for lab use, and reasonably priced.

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